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We are Stela and Livia (hence Ste+Li)


Livia learned how to bead and very quickly infected Stela too. Our beading styles and collections evolved over the years and many of our friends are proudly wearing different pieces from each stage of the evolution. We now have reached a point where we are ready to share our unique art pieces with the world. 

Our commitment to you: 

- You can expect items that will get you compliments, lots of them. 

- You can expect the item to be absolutely unique (it is impossible to duplicate a piece!)

- You can expect good craftsmanship, fair price and great service.

We also want you to have the opportunity to express your own uniqueness so if you have an idea or an inspiration (can be a picture, or an item, or anything that inspires you) - let us know if we can convert that idea into a jewelry piece for you. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

- Stela and Livia

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